About Us

Welcome to the Canadian Church Press (CCP), an association of Christian publications that offers support and fellowship to its members, united in an effort to maintain high standards of religious journalism. The CCP is one of the most active and broadly based ecumenical organizations in Canada.

Encouraging higher standards of religious journalism and a more positive and constructive Christian influence on contemporary civilization.

As per its constitution, the purpose of the CCP is to promote acquaintance and fellowship, to foster helpfulness among editors and publishers of its member publications, to deal co-operatively with editorial and publishing problems which do, or may, affect more than one member publication, and to encourage higher standards of religious journalism in order to enable its member publications to render more useful service and to exert a more positive and constructive Christian influence on contemporary civilization.

The CCP offers:

  • An annual convention that offers excellent and reasonably priced professional development through keynote speakers and workshops covering the range of editorial, design, and production issues;
  • An annual awards competition that recognizes excellence in publications and allows all participants to benefit from the suggestions and commentary of the judges;
  • Peer networking available through our member-only e-mail discussion list, our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/CanadianChurchPress), and face-to-face discussions at our convention;
  • A listing in the CCP online membership directory;
  • Information and support on important issues of concern affecting our publications, such as the federal Canada Periodical Fund.