Constitution of The Canadian Church Press

This organization shall be known as The Canadian Church Press.

The purpose of The Canadian Church Press is to promote acquaintance and fellowship, to foster helpfulness among editors and publishers of its member publications, to deal co-operatively with editorial and publishing problems which do, or may, affect more than one member publication, and to encourage higher standards of religious journalism in order to enable its member publications to render more useful service and to exert a more positive and constructive Christian influence on contemporary civilization.


  1. Membership in The Canadian Church Press shall be open to Christian print and web-based periodicals published in Canada which subscribe to the Purpose and Code of Ethics of the Canadian Church PRess and are circulated regionally, nationally or internationally. Periodicals circulating primarily in a single parish or a single community shall not be eligible.
  2. Membership shall be divided into three classifications: Class A, consisting of publications which are the official publication of a denomination and are circulated on a national or denomination-wide basis; Class B, consisting of general religious publications which are circulated nationally or denomination-wide, but are not official publications, and publications which are circulated nationally or denomination-wide but are published by a board, department or agency of a denomination; Class C, consisting of publications circulating in a region, province, district, diocese, conference or other such subdivision.
  3. Associate membership shall be open to former editors of member publications who desire to continue personal affiliation, to individuals who have a professional interest in religious journalism, to journalists specializing in religious reporting for newspapers or consumer magazines.
  4. Application for membership shall be made to the Executive Committee. Applicants shall supply a statement of the publication’s purpose, its constituency, and other relevant information. The acceptance of new members shall be by a vote of the Executive Committee.
  5. Honorary membership may be conferred upon an individual who has retired from the service of a member publication, and who has rendered distinguished service in the field of religious journalism. Honorary membership shall be for life without any dues obligation.


  1. The officers of The Canadian Church Press shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, membership secretary, two directors-at-large and the past-president.
  2. Each officer shall be elected for a two-year term.
  3. The secretary, treasurer, membership secretary and the directors-at-large shall be eligible for re-election. The president and vice-president shall be ineligible for re-election to the same office until one term shall have intervened.
  4. In the event of death, resignation, or change of occupation to the president, the vice-president shall immediately become president.
  5. Each president upon completion of his/her term of office shall become a member of the Executive Committee for one year.

The committees of The Canadian Church Press shall consist of the following:

  1. An Executive Committee composed of the officers and the past-president who shall be responsible for the affairs of The Canadian Church Press between meetings.
  2. A Committee on Nominations of two members to be appointed by the president with the concurrence of the Executive Committee not later than three months before the Annual Meeting who shall present nominations for the officers and members of the Membership Committee.


  1. The Canadian Church Press shall meet at least annually at such a time and place as the Executive Committee shall designate.
  2. Special meetings may be called by the Executive Committee at any time and place when the committee deems it necessary or desirable.
  3. All meetings, annual and special, shall normally be regarded as executive sessions at which attendance shall be restricted to duly appointed delegates of member publications and such invited guests as may be authorized by the Executive Committee independently or on the request of member publications, in order that speakers may feel free to discuss frankly and in confidence the topics assigned to them, except that the Executive Committee in arranging the program, shall have the power to designate certain sessions as open to visitors.
  4. The Executive Committee shall also have power to arrange for joining sessions from time to time with organizations functioning in religious publicity, public relations and related fields.

The Constitution may be amended by any meeting of The Canadian Church Press by a two-thirds vote of delegates present, provided that notice of the proposed amendment shall have been circulated among member publications by mail, or on unanimous recommendation of the Executive Committee.

Voting shall be by delegates present at any annual or special meeting and the decision shall be determined by simple majority, or by two-thirds majority when voting on constitutional amendments, except that any delegate present may call for a vote by member publications. In such cases, each member shall be entitled to one vote.

– As amended by The Canadian Church Press at its Annual Meeting June 7, 1998