Jane Armstrong

Plenary speaker Jane Armstrong

Why do fewer and fewer people go to church? Why do those who attend still go? Why are so many people “spiritual but not religious” today? Jane Armstrong’s public opinion surveys into North American faith and religion provide answers to what most of us can only speculate about.

Using the results of her own research and the research of others, Jane’s CCP/ACP Convention Plenary Session, Thursday, April 30 will describe what the numbers reveal about trends in faith and religion, how the public perceives faith communities, and how religious and secular values stack up when it comes to shaping responses to some of the key moral questions of our age. Jane will also describe some of the cutting-edge polling she has done for religious institutions, and address a question every denomination needs to consider: is it right or wrong to look for meaning in market research?

Jane Armstrong is a social researcher based in Toronto. She has been studying public opinion and social values for three decades. She is principal researcher at Armstrong Research, where she leads the company’s faith and religion practice. She has conducted research and authored articles for the mass media, peer-reviewed journals and various trade/specialty publications, and is often called upon in the media and at conferences to speak about her work. Jane’s contribution to the community includes past directorships on a number of non-profit boards. She currently serves on The United Church of Canada’s national Racial Justice and Gender Justice Advisory Committee.

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